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Cookeville Reserve came about as a way to show the world, one wearer, poster hanger or sticker brandisher at a time, what Cookeville, Tennessee, is all about.

Warm and welcoming, Cookeville is a sweet little micropolitan that serves as a locational hub, not just for the state, but for most of the eastern U.S. That means you can get here from just about anywhere — or vice versa — in minimal time.

We’re also the epicenter of a regional wonderland of nature and wildlife. You don’t come to Cookeville to see the bears, but to BE the bear, because no matter what flavor of fun you enjoy, we have something for you to sink your teeth into. Here, you can shuffle down endless trails, crawl around underground in an entire system of caves, frolic under waterfalls and maybe even dip in a paw and snag a fish or two! And that’s just the beginning.

At Cookeville Reserve, we have what you need to hit the trail in style and to keep the adventures you have here close to your heart, wherever you may roam. Check out our unbearably awesome collection of shirts, hats and other paraphernalia, and don it if you dare!

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